24 Jun 2020


08 Jul 2020


G13 Gallery proudly presents ‘Cerita Objek ‘ by ten local artists named Aiman Zamri, Al Khuzaire Ali, Fawwaz Sukri, Fazrin Abd Rahman, Haslin Ismail, Haziq Syawal, Nik M Shazmie, Sabihis Pandi, Shafiq Nordin & Sukor Romat. ‘Cerita Objek’ displays a series of artworks from our local artists that focus on the practice of experimenting mediums. The works in this exhibition entail the ‘new normal’ outlook on the art practices that are created out of limitation, different environments, ideas, and inspiration that spring from the current adjusting way of life. When it comes to art-making, mediums are deemed important in justifying one’s message. As to how Marshall McLuhan has put it, “the medium is the message”; it is through a medium or object that is in use that a message is articulated, not solely about the artist’s ideas – that the mediums are only to be manipulated and becomes a means to an end. Mediums also play a big part in conjugating artist’s intention in art-making. Ranging from paint jars to signboard, artists are open towards exploring new approaches not just limited to painting on canvas. This exhibition intends to enunciate the artists’ ways of adapting with different mediums as to how they can navigate meaning out of these new mediums or objects that they are using – which to some of them, this matter is somewhat challenging to their comfort level. When it comes to being an artist, let alone any circumstances, it is understandable that artists are also normal human beings who also go through stages of lives. Being creative should be about adapting to certain conditions of the environment and can take any situation in the process of art-making. The lateral approach in art-making explored by artists in this exhibition might ultimately be an opportunity to sharpen their expedition towards incorporating new ideas and insights into their creative processes, henceforth, budding afresh new sets of skills and understanding towards varieties of mediums. ‘Cerita Objek’ will runs from 24th June until 8th July 2020 at G13 Gallery. The gallery opens daily from 11 am to 5 pm, closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.